Way to tie long hair for swimming

Way to tie long hair for swimming

We ‘re not just talking about hygiene here (though we’re all there for it). Think of your hair as a sponge; pop it up in a chlorinated pool and soak up the water-hair-damaging chemicals and everything.

Wear a bath cap to protect your hair at the pool

In addition to it’s streamlining results, the hair is tucked away by the modest swim cap, which exposes less to chlorinated pool water.

Find yours to bring on tricky? And make the process easier, wet your hair first and then apply conditioner (without rinsing) all over.

Voila-easier to put on, plus less painful hair pulls when it’s time to take off. Use cap to tie long hair for swimming.

protect hair at the pool

Treat your hair to perfection

If you’re a swimmer with long hair, we ‘re pretty sure you ‘re still wearing your hair in the water, so how about giving it a conditioning treatment when you’re swimming?

Our tip: in argan oil or conditioner, slather the ends of your hair and then get imaginative – consider braiding, a low bun or a plate. Put on a swim capand it is great for swimming pool or holiday in the sun.

Give your hair some TLC with shampoos and specialist conditioners

Did your hair go damp while swimming? Make a beeline for professional after-swim shampoos specifically formulated to extract chlorine particles from your hair (if you can’t find one specifically made for swimming, pick up a clarifying shampoo instead).

Safeguard your colour

Chlorine can leach pigment from colored hair, causing it to fade and become brittle and damaged. If you really love your color, make your new best friends a swim cap and stop having to swim for at least a week after your dye job.

Colored hair is highly vulnerable to damage, so to invest weekly deep conditioning treatment and always use hair care products that protect color to help prevent fade.