Method to get rid of dark skin during pregnancy

Method to get rid of dark skin during pregnancy

So you will soon be a mom and have noticed a few changes in your body. But let’s focus on what’s going on in the skin of mum.

Besides the stretches that your beautiful baby does to your tummy, there are hormonal changes that can change your skin tone. You need to find ways to get rid of dark skin during pregnancy.

Your face is radiant. True. To be true

Blood is pumped into your tiny blood vessel just below the surface of the skin because of the increased heart rate. Increasing oil gland secretions often give the face a waxy shine, and a blush.

High melanin concentration renders skin darker

During these wonderful months, estrogen and progesterone pregnancy hormones encourage melanin cells to generate more pigment, but the pigments aren’t uniformly produced, giving your skin a blotchy tan.

A individual with a dark skin type can note darkened circles around their eyes, resembling eye shadow. This effect can be controlled by limiting sun exposure to UV light that stimulates the production of melanin.

Note that dark areas turn darker

Moles and freckles present on your skin are getting bigger and brown spots are becoming browner. The areola and nipples are getting quite darker. Unlike other areas of your body, the isola stays darker than it was before pregnancy.

Hyperpigmentation in pregnancy may not be serious

But your skin is very sensitive during this time so avoid abrasive scrubs and exfoliants. Facial scrub based on oatmeal will help your sensitive skin. Accutane and Retin-Aantiacne drugs should not be used because of the risks of birth defects.

You may be tempted to use skin bleaching to whiten your skin in order for mum to stay beautiful. This skin whitening method based on chemical agents should be used with utmost care.

Pregnancy leads to a great many problems and problems

Cholasma is the brownish and yellowish patches which appear because of hormonal activity on a woman’s face.

high melaninIn the pregnancy phase acne becomes more stringent. The overall pigmentation will obscure in your body. Most females tend to develop stretch marks in the 6th and 7th months of pregnancy.

To take care of your skin during pregnancy, you can probably use a nourishing body wash to cleanse your face using soap.

These women should also use moisturizers which contain sunscreen. If your skin is oily then the breakouts will be very intense.

They can be treated by using products which contain glycolic acid and alpha hydroxyl acids. Your makeup will be thinner than normal.

This would save time for other activities that you can devote. It is good to hide those dark circles and blemishes from a foundation stick which is also a concealer.