Way to prevent breakouts after working out

Way to prevent breakouts after working out

Some great things happen when you start a new fitness regime. You can feel healthier, confident and look even better.

But one side effect you might never anticipate from exercising is that you experience acne flare-ups.

Fortunately, acne breakouts are readily preventable at the gym. You need to prevent breakouts after working out.

Many chalk it to sweat. This isn’t the culprit, though. Makeup and the type of towel you use, can affect the reaction of the skin.

Avoid making up

Makeup will obstruct pores by does not allowing the skin to naturally breathe during the workouts. The tinted moisturizer is a better option, of course, if you are aware of your skin tone.

Don’t cross his face

Cardio machines, weight machines and free weights — all these bacteria breed. Touching them and wiping sweat beads off your face is a sure way of spreading bacteria which can create new breakouts.

acne flare-ups

Put on loose clothes

Spandex workout pants are tight clothes which can lead to bacterial and fungal skin infections. Wear loose attire that will help wick away sweat too, preventing your skin from absorbing it as working out causes body acne.

Use the right towel

A gym towel should be sufficiently absorbent to keep your face dry during a workout, but not so thick that even after washing it clings to bacteria.

The best gym towels should dry faster compared to normal towels, so that bacteria and fungi will not grow in them.

Cotton is the frequentist used material for workout towels. Cotton fibers quickly get absorbent and dry.

Other good materials include bamboo, linen, and microfiber.

loose clothes

After workout, wash your face and moisturize!

Wash your face straight after your workout. You don’t want your skin to be clinging to a mixture of dirt, oil and bacteria, affecting its pH and blocking your pores. When you’re exercising in a park where there’s no drain, bring along clean facial wipes.

Skipping this important phase will naively dehydrate your skin, causing an overcompensation of your glands of oil-producing by creating an oversupply of oil. Use a moisturizer formulated for your particular skin type and condition for the best results immediately after the cleansing.

Slip over the hot shower

Hot water strips the skin of vital oils, leaving the skin dry, itchy and dull. Breakouts are particularly common for “gym rats” on your back or chest. To avoid this, use three times a week, a gentle body scrub.