Best fruit for acne treatment?

Best fruit for acne treatment?

While we know for a fact that fruits are not only delicious but also incredibly nutritious, we continue to underestimate the benefits of fruits and to the degree they may help to cure and prevent a variety of ailments.

You ‘d be surprised to know that adding some fruits can go a long way in preventing not only acne but also as acne remedies.

Acne can be caused by various causes but the first step to undertaking acne is to keep the diet clean. You’d be amazed at the hidden abilities of many fruits and how fruits can be used to treat acne.

Choose best fruit for acne treatmentand you’d find that it’s generally rich in vitamin C, E and A which are perfect natural antioxidants.

The first fruit you can take into your diet is the popular apple. We all grew up hearing the famous saying, “An apple keeps the doctor away every day.”

fighting off acne

Besides being good for your overall health, apple is especially good for your skin. But don’t make the mistake of peeling the skin away.

Apple skin contains “pectin,” which helps with proper digestion, and prevents constipation.

One cause for an acne breakout could be a constipated stomach; an apple will keep your skin clean and sparkling.

Choose any of your acne medications and check their chemical components, the first thing you’d find is that you’re given vitamin A that’s abundantly available in apples. Try to eat one in the morning, and see a good bowel movement.

Growing some citrus fruit and successfully fighting off acne. Citrus fruits have plenty of vitamin C which helps to regulate your body’s acidic balance and make it alkaline. Strong acid pH provides a breeding ground for acne.

Take note of acne diet plan, and grapefruit is acidic fruit and having it in the first half of the day is good for blood cleaning.

Even “cherry trees” have high vitamin C in them and act as good purifiers of the blood. Cherries are the fruit to be eaten to ensure good bowel movements; they are best for both the liver and the kidneys.

They also help you get a good sleep which goes a long way in keeping your skin healthy and free from acne. Banana is another pro-biotic fruit with an abundance of “good bacteria” that make blood cleansers effective.