Risks of exercise during pregnancy

Risks of exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy is very important to ensure that you have a smooth and safe path during and even after those unique nine months.

You need to be very careful about your workout selection though. You can’t practice the same exercises for the whole pregnancy period as there are risks of exercise during pregnancy.

You’ll need to modify your workouts accordingly as your pregnancy progresses.

Some exercises during the first trimester are safe and healthy but can be harmful in the third trimester.

Besides that, some exercises for pregnant women, such as long-distance running, biking or riding a horse, are not at all appropriate.

So, in consultation with your doctor, it is important that you follow the fitness program. If you follow the right program, weight loss after birth will be very easy for you.

Keep away from exhaustive and intense workouts

Exercising should not be rigorous and exhaustive during pregnancy. It’s got to be simple exercises that won’t tire you.

In this respect walking can be a good example. The most important thing is that you have to maintain the same level of normal physical activity that you were doing before you became pregnant.

But as pregnancy progresses, your size increases, and your energy levels decrease, your activity levels will also need to be modified. Besides that, you can need to get full rest if you have a high-risk pregnancy.

So, it is strongly recommended that you talk with your doctor before you start following a specific exercise program as there are risk factors for preterm labor.


Women’s myths about exercise during pregnancy are many. Most women believe the exercises are always dangerous during this period.

Most of the time, they prefer to be in bed because they’re worried that exercises might lead to miscarriage or harm the baby.

simple exercisesThe fact is that inactivity during these precious nine months can be more dangerous than maintaining a good physical activity.

Pregnant women are generally always encouraged to do mild to moderate exercises.

The only circumstance you need to stop workouts is when you have any severe complications in your pregnancy and your doctor will advise you to take bed rest.

Exercising can be very beneficial during pregnancy. You’re going to feel way better. You won’t be much bothered by typical pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and feeling nauseated.

Exercise keeps you fit and at the time of labor, a fit body makes things very easy for you. Labor for an unhealthy body can be a very painful physical activity.

Weight gain during pregnancy is one of the things most women worry about following birth.